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Get in shape with HYPOXI and lose weight at the right places.

Lose that winter fat: Eleven reasons why HYPOXI is the right figure shaping method

Train Smarter – Not Harder!

Every year it’s the same: the New Year’s celebrations are barely behind you before you ask yourself how you can get rid of the unwelcomed extra pounds again. At last the good intention – to finally get the body shape you’re after – can really be put into practice this year. Happy are those, who straight away choose a figure shaping method that also works and is sustainable.

Eleven Reasons Why HYPOXI is the Right Method:

1: Targeted effect.

The classic problem areas are the stomach, legs and bum. Those who lose weight with exercise and dieting admittedly lose weight quickly, but often first in places where this is not at all wanted: in the face, on the upper arm or on the bust. With HYPOXI this is history – making it the best weight loss training in Hong Kong.

2: Gentle and natural.

Targeted figure shaping without a scalpel: this is made possible through the alternating use of high and low pressures in connection with moderate movement. The method is based on the principle of cupping. The result is increased circulation in the problem areas, which enables targeted fat reduction in these parts of the body only. Find your closest HYPOXI-Studio in Hong Kong here.

3: Bye, bye dieting obsession.

Starving is forbidden! A regular balanced diet is a prerequisite for successful figure shaping with HYPOXI. In the HYPOXI-Studio a diet plan is created, which takes into account that every person metabolises food in a different way.

4: Personal training.

Those who choose HYPOXI book their own personal trainer at the same time. Because individual advice and support is a central and vital aspect of the method. From figure analysis, through the training plan and up to nutrition tips – the best-qualified and certified HYPOXI-Coaches are always on hand with advice and assistance.

5: Sweaty workouts? No thanks!

Good news for couch potatoes: The HYPOXI weight loss training is a moderate fat burning training method in a vacuum chamber and is not strenuous. After all, there shouldn’t be any muscle building taking place. Instead, complete concentration is applied to fat reduction in problem areas.

6: A method for everyone.

The HYPOXI-Method is not just for women. Men also have problems areas that they want to fight against effectively. And because the HYPOXI-Method is so gentle, it is suitable for new mothers after pregnancy, those who are untrained and best agers too. Excuses? No chance!

7: Short training units.

HYPOXI in the lunch break or between two appointments? Not a problem: the weight loss training session only lasts between 30 and 50 minutes. You don’t need to plan time for a shower afterwards because you almost won’t break a sweat.

8: Skin tightening is included.

The HYPOXI-Method doesn’t just help with losing weight but is also a trusted and proven cellulite treatment; through the innovative combination of low and high pressure treatment, connective tissue is strengthened at the same time. The result: tauter skin and considerably reduced cellulite.

9: Total experience and competence.

Beauty methods come and go. HYPOXI stays. This is because the method has proved itself. Developed by Dr. Norbert Egger at the end of the 1990s, today it is used successfully in over 50 countries worldwide – also in Hong Kong.

10: Scientifically proven.

Does HYPOXI genuinely enhance the fat burning in problem zones using low and high pressure? This question was explored by the Medical Prevention Center Hamburg in a scientific study. The answer was unambiguously positive, the result significant. Click here for more details on the scientifically proven effectiveness.

11: No more yo-yo effect!

The effects of HYPOXI are quick and long lasting. Initial results can be seen after just a few uses. As a rule, you can achieve your personal goals in one to three months. In this time there is a clear activation of the metabolism, which, in combination with a balanced diet, helps to shape a figure that will last a long time. Therefore, HYPOXI is also hailed by the international press to offer sustainable weight loss.

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